Standard font load

Here we have a simple stylesheet with fonts added via the `@font-face` rule. The below shows the output for the `FontFace` object associated with the font as constructed by the browser. This font is 'CSS-connected'. `font-display` is defaulting to `auto`.

Note the `status: "loaded"` (as it is the only one defined).

Console output for this is:

    display: "auto"
    family: "\"montserratbold_italic\""
    featureSettings: "normal"
    loaded: Promise { <​state>: "fulfilled", %3Cvalue>: FontFace }
    status: "loaded"
    stretch: "normal"
    style: "normal"
    unicodeRange: "U+0-10FFFF"
    variant: "normal"
    variationSettings: "normal"
    weight: "normal"
    <​prototype>: FontFacePrototype { load: load(), family: Getter & Setter, style: Getter & Setter, … }